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Friday, March 30, 2012

10 Things, Volume 12

10 things

1. Tuesday night, we went to a friend's house & got to cook over a camp fire, which is always fun. Though now I have smokey clothes... and no motivation to do laundry. Oh well.

2. While at the cook out, our friend brought out my dad's PGA Player card. It totally shocked me, as I've only seen that card half a dozen times my entire life. So I'm getting it autographed for him. One of the perks of being my father's daughter I guess?

3. We're 3 episodes away from finishing Breaking Bad on Netflix. So we'll be starting a new TV show search soon.

4. This weekend is Parent's Weekend at Texas A&M (where we live), so literally thousands of parents will be coming in from all over. It's a weekend to lock yourself in the house & wait it out. So that's what I'll be doing :)

5. Not that anyone has any doubt, but I'm still loving my iPhone. Can't believe I've already had it for 5 days. (And if you haven't already, follow me on Instagram. Username: amyrenepowell ♥ )

10 things
Crazy Weather & Instagram Fun

6. I'm 1 week into my no carbs, no dairy, no alcohol eating plan & things are going great! I'm really enjoying the fresh fruits & veggies I'm eating.

7. Mosquitoes have decided to make an early appearance this year, and my ankles are already covered in red bumps. Not excited about that. It's probably due to the crazy weather we've been having.

8. I can't believe this weekend marks the end of March. Seriously, where did the time go?!? One more month of the Photo A Day Challenge done. Can't wait to see April's prompts!

9. Speaking of April... I have a giveaway coming up soon. So watch out for that :)

10. And, the most exciting of all.... by next Friday I'll have a niece!! I'm so excited to meet Pepper Jo. (See our nursery makeover)

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
See you Monday ♥


  1. I'm so impressed that you stuck with the Photo-A-Day - I bailed after 2-3 weeks. (And that card is too cool - what a fun thing to be able to do for your friend! :))

  2. Isn't instagram so much fun! I followed you on it, username: valorielovely, of course. I don't use it half as often as I should though, I surprisingly bad about it. Oops? haha.

    Have a great weekend, Amy! :)

  3. That's so cool that your dad played pro golf!

    Enjoy your weekend. I totally lock myself in when there are crazy events in LA hehe :)

  4. I can't believe it's the end of March either. I guess some of my to-do list is going to spill over into April :)

  5. Have a fantastic weekend. Enjoy the last couple of days of March. Insane how fast time flew by. :(


  6. If you find a good new TV show let me know! We finished Breaking Bad a few weeks ago (SO GOOD!) and still haven't found a good replacement yet!

  7. rub bar soap on the mosquito bites...or use a piece of scotch tape

  8. How exciting to get a little niece, that will be so much fun!

  9. Congrats on finishing 1 week of a diet. No carbs is hard. Well, so is no alcohol....