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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fashion for a Tuesday: Experiments with color

I've asked the "lipstick" question before. But that was really just when I was thinking about wearing lipstick. Now, I've actually begun to wear it. And thanks to your suggestions about how to deal with my chapped lips, they've been the perfect canvas for some color.

I started with a neutral color, just to get in the habit of the act of putting lipstick on. But quickly moved on to a brighter pink, which I bought on a whim thanks to Gwen Stefani smiling at me at an end cap display. (I'm a sucker for marketing of any kind really. One of my many faults.)

L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge, Blushing Rose

I loved the pink, but wanted to get just a little deeper into it. And so I went for red. Quite red. Maybe too red. I asked my nephew Danzig if he liked my lips, and he stared intently at me before saying "No." From the mouths of babes, my guy laughed when I told him the story. (Who coincidentally conveniently hates the red as much as the two year did.)

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte, Really Red
though it looks sort of pink here. Which I promise, it isn't.

So I'm not sold on the red lips thing just yet. I need to brush up on my application skills, which the Beauty Department should help out with. And I need to play with different shades. Which is why I'm buying $6 experimental tubes before committing to one color.

Nonetheless, it's been fun experimenting! What's your opinion? Am I more of a pink or red girl? (And forgive the fact that I'm wearing the same shirt in both pictures... it's just my current new fave shirt I'm "breaking in")

{Happy Tuesday!} 


  1. I love both, but I'm a lipstick lover so I may not be your best judge ha! I do love that shade of pink though. It's perfect.

  2. You are much bolder than I am! I have tried wearing lipstick, but it's just not for me... I'm a lip gloss and chapstick kind of girl ;)

  3. That is a gorgeous color. Perfect for spring!

  4. I like the way the "red" one appears in that photo. Maybe you should look into getting something that will look that way in real life?

    I tried so hard to get into lipstick - I even bought a tube of Chanel at a duty-free place on my way back from China, because I thought if I "invested" in it, I wouldn't lose it. WRONG. Good luck looking for a fit!

  5. SOO excited that you're getting into lipstick. Seriously its all I wear on my face some days. There are just too many shades of red to put on one and think you can't wear the color at all. Have you tried a pinky red? My favorite kind is a matte lipstick called "flame" from Covergirl. Its so incredibly awesome and lasts all day. I'm wearing it in a good bit of my blog pictures. Keep pressing on lady!


  6. I think it looks fabulous!!! My GG would love for me to wear lipstick but I'm just not brave enough. Maybe after you try lots of different colors out I'll think about getting some to try :)

  7. I wear so many bright colours - red, hot pink, orange (my new favorite). Sometimes I think it might be too bright for work but I don't care. I typically wear all black so the lipstick is my only pop of colour.

    I think the pink looks great on you.