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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fashion for a Tuesday: Hot Topic & I had it right 8 years ago

My newest fashion obsession is something that I actually followed when I was a 15-year-old Hot Topic connoisseur: colored pants.

Oh yes, I rocked those Pink Dickie's like there was no tomorrow. Paired with my ever favorite Etnies with Strawberry Shortcake laces. Getting a picture yet? (I forgot to mention, I also had jet black hair. No lie.)

But to my great joy, colored pants are finally here in style -- and are classy this time! Here's a few ways my favorite bloggers have been wearing them recently (note: no teen angst is included):

I'm dying to get to Gap & pick me out a few colors. I'm thinking red & yellow. What's your favorite colored pants?

{Have a fashionable & wonderful Tuesday}


PS - A great BIG happy birthday to my sister Dana!!!
She's 20 today & I couldn't be more proud of her


  1. I just bought a pair of red rock stars from Old Navy and a pair of the green that Kenli is wearing in your post. I LOVE them! I think I want some yellow ones too and get shorts when the weather gets nicer.

  2. I love all these outfits! I just bought a pair of yellow pants from LOFT, can't wait to wear them! Have a great day :)

  3. happy birthday to your sister!! i love colored jeans

  4. I have red pants and love them (The Rock Star jeans at Old Navy are awesome!) and I have a pair of green ones from H&M that I love but for some reason my co-workers aren't accepting of the green pair. I'm not sure why, we live in LA where people are trendy. Do they not read fashion blogs?!

  5. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award, head on over to my blog to check it out: