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Thursday, March 22, 2012


What are my passions? I ask myself that over & over just to make sure I'm on the same page with myself. My answers: writing, communicating, organizing, marketing & media. I'm passionate about them & believe I have potential to do something great.

But how? I ask myself that more than I question my passions. It's scary looking out into a world of endless possibilities, tied down by the realities of bills, student loans & familial obligations. I have the most supportive husband ever, but he has to be on board with my decisions as much as I do, because we're in a partnership & I value his opinions.

So day in & day out, while I think about these big life questions, I'm always searching for encouragement & peace of mind. Something to push me forward into the abyss with the confidence to do great things. And then I found this article:  

(My favorite is Ira Glass' "Nobody Tells This to Beginners")

I'd seen a few on the list already. But it hit me. Make my own manifesto. I have a Why I Do This section in my "About Me" page, but that needs freshening up & I want something more focused on the ideas swarming through my brain.

But, with my tendency to rush into things, I'm slowing down. I'm going to force myself to really think about what my manifesto should be. Not just write half-thought-out words on a piece of paper & call it good. So that's what I'll be searching for this weekend. My manifesto.

Do you have one? I'd love to read it! Link up in the comments ♥ 


  1. First off I love that pic of you! You look beautiful! I don't have a manifesto. I guess this gives me a reason to start writing one!

  2. I was that person who knew what they wanted to do in elementary school. went to college and studied it, did it for a few years after college, then got into something else and have missed it ever since. I want to transition back, but it's hard without new clips (I'm talking about writing). My main obstacle right now is confidence. I need to get that back and go for it!

  3. I've been working on a manifesto for months now! I want to take my time too, because it's like a list of things people will hold you to as well. Good luck!