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Thursday, March 8, 2012

On Music in Marriage

A Few Years ago at ACL Fest

Last Wednesday I received an email which informed me that I'd won 2 tickets to see The Civil Wars during their taping session for Austin City Limits TV. After the initial shock wore off (of which there was literal screaming in the office by me), I called my husband to inform him that the next evening we'd be going on a mini-road trip to Austin.

In my marriage, I've learned a few things about Christian. One of the biggest lessons is that he doesn't like surprises and he likes to plan things out. He also really loves music, and would do almost anything if it meant getting to see live music (of his liking). So I was a bit nervous dumping this news on him - but he was just as excited as me, since it meant crossing "Watch an ACL taping" off his bucket list.

One of our tricks at keeping things interesting and fun is continuously pursuing music together - buying albums, listening to our vinyls, going to concerts, etc. While our tastes aren't always identical, we both try our best to respect the others' interests, and to try to merge our naturally divergent tastes.

So The Civil Wars were looming. I'd taken Christian to see them during the summer - and he'd never even listened to their album before the show. Before this one, however, he was ready & willing to listen to "Barton Hollow"... and then: he got excited. He was giddy with me. Because there's one thing that's completely undeniable about The Civil Wars... their musical chemistry is one of the best we've ever seen live. Here's one of their best moments on tape.

It's so easy to get lost in the harmonies, the joking and pure joy that pours out of both Joy and John-Paul as they perform with ease and passion. That passion is contagious, pouring over the entire crowd. Christian & I stood side by side completely enamored with the sounds reaching our ears.

It is my wish that great music in our lives will not die down. We've had some of our best memories watching great bands perform. We thrive on the anticipation that comes with the road trips and late night Whataburger runs that come before and after each show. Watching The Civil Wars reminded me of that love we have for each other. Something I need reminding of during the business of daily life.

What's reminded you of your love lately?


  1. I am so jealous. I adore the Civil Wars!!!

    Keep Shining,

  2. LOVE the Civil Wars!! What an awesome little surprise, especially for you two little music lovers! Kendol and I love to go to concerts, as well. Although, we don't get near as good of shows here as yall do there! MS needs to step it up.

    P.S. I left you a little award on le blog, if you would like to play along:) Thanks so much for being such a great follower to my little blog.

  3. I love The Civil Wars and think it's so awesome that you got to see them in concert. M and I haven't gone to a concert together yet, but I think we're going to need to change that experience.

  4. What a sweet post! The first pic I have of my hubby and I was from a convert when I was 18 and he was 21, I had a major crush on him and asked if we could take a pic. It wasn't until several years later that we dated. Concerts have always been a favorite outing of ours, but now with two little ones, we make a point every Friday night for no tv, phones or computers, we just sit, talk and listen to music after the kids are in bed. It is my favorite night of the week.

    New to your blog, just found it from Callie@The Good Life!

  5. I'm so jealous you got to see them in concert! That's awesome!

    My boy and I just went to a concert last night actually, and it was really fun (we saw Bombay Bicycle Club). We've always loved seeing live music too, and while I don't know if I could handle ACL (too. many. sweaty. people), we always talk about going.

  6. How awesome! I saw them perform at the Americana Music Awards in Nashville and they were amazing! Have fun on your mini roadtrip with husband :)