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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Has Sprung! (& so has some motivation)

spring time, spring time

I woke up last week with the urge & desire to start "dieting" again. I've found it's not something I can force myself to do, otherwise I'm miserable. So for the past few months, I've just been coasting. I've been working out a few times a week and more-or-less eating what I please.

And I haven't gained anything.

It's nice to know that "eating what I want" combined with a "medium workout load" results in a net of zero. At least my body's cooperating with me there. But, it's time to jump back up & be intentional. If I have the motivation, I might as well, right?

Instead of adoption a new "philosophy" - like I thought about doing with the Paleo Diet- I decided to just adopt simple rules that were easy to follow. I also decided to take it  10-14 days at a time.I won't be planning ahead any more than that. I'm hoping both of these tactics won't overwhelm me & will give me the flexibility to make meaningful, purposeful changes.

So what are my rules?
(1) No carbohydrates [flour, sugar, etc.]
(2) No alcohol
(3) Limited (if any) dairy

And that's it. I'm increasing my vegetable and water consumption substantially as well, but that's not so much a rule. And I'll still be going to the gym, which has become part of my daily routine now. (Something I'd never thought I'd say!)

I'll report back in two weeks with an update, but until then: eat some pizza for me ♥

Hope you had a great weekend!
{Happy Monday}

I got an iPhone, so you can finally find me on Instagram. 
User name: amyrenepowell


  1. keep up the great work girl! and i love your new "rules". happy monday!!

  2. Yay for getting an iPhone! They are awesome and totally addicting.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I've now come and totally stalked yours! I'm trying the no gluten/no dairy thing too. I'm not much of a drinker, so no alcohol here either. Looking forward to hearing how it goes! :)

  4. good luck with this, this is almost exactly how i eat. I went paleo nearly a year ago I think, but wasn't totally hardcore about it, i'd say 95%. In the last month i've changed things up and have gone on a slow-carb diet. no sugar at all even fruit, and no carbs at all except for beans (on paleo certain carbs are ok, like sweet potatoes) except you get this one glorious cheat day where you can literally eat anything and everything you want. it's the best. i did that to fit into a bridesmaids dress but then ended up liking the diet and cheat day so much that I decided to do it a while longer!

  5. I wish I could cut out no carbs, dairy and alcohol. I was able to do it back in 2010 for two weeks but I find it so difficult these days. After I come back from my vacation, I will need to try again!