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Friday, April 20, 2012

10 Things, Volume 15

I had the opportunity to chat with one of our giveaway sponsors - Valorie (we're actually friends from Texas A&M before she moved away to Washington, DC) - and wanted to share a little bit more about her. Following her blog is an extra entry in the giveaway, but I figured most people want to meet someone before following. So here's your opportunity to learn a little more about her ♥

Getting to Know Valorie of Simply, Valorie

1) What do you blog about/where do you get your inspiration from?
Well, I mostly blog about living intentionally, life after college, starting my photography business, and for some reason Rupert Grint. I'm not stalking him, promisies. My blog is a little snarky, and a lot ridiculous.  
As for inspiration, I guess I get it mostly from my every day life. When I'm blogging, I literally write the way I would speak, and so things I blog about end up being conversations I'd like to have with my friends anyway.  

2) How did you get into photography? [photography website]
I've always loved photography, ever since my parents gave me my first disposable little Kodak camera. Remember those things? They were cool. I first realized that my interest in photography was extreme when I used up an entire one of those photographing bird footprints in the sand on a beach trip. I've been in love since!
I got my first Grown Up Camera -- a Canon Rebel XSi -- in 2008. It took me until around February 2011 to realize I should actually consider becoming a professional photographer, though. Once I did decide, I never looked back. 

3) What was it like to shoot your first wedding?
I know the "correct" answer to this is "dreamy" or "everything I imagined!" But really it was stressful. I was constantly afraid that I would mess everything up and the day was so hectic. Schedules weren't syncing up, I couldn't get in touch with the couple for a while... Things almost went really really wrong, but in the end everything came out okay! Now, I don't think I'll ever be stressed for another wedding because nothing could ever go less smoothly, haha. 

4) You're a Texas girl! Why are you in DC?
Ha! I am a Texas girl! I moved to DC after college for a hundred reasons, but here are the two biggest: 1) I almost did my undergrad degree here, and I couldn't resist another opportunity to move up to this cool city. 2) I want to work in the nonprofit industry - beyond photography I also love social media and nonprofit work, and I'm looking for a way to combine all three. DC seemed like the perfect place to do that.
It was also convenient that my boyfriend and a good friend were also moving up here, so there was literally nothing to be afraid of. I just took the leap! 

5) What tips do you have for bloggers?
I have so many! I feel like I did everything wrong at first and have learned so much now!
Be you, but don't be too you. Haha. Everyone wants to read your true voice and your real experiences, but unless you blog about the best feeding rituals for cats, no one wants to know how many times a week you feed your cat. You know?
Beyond that, figure out who your favorite bloggers are and why. Put your own spin on that with your voice and your words and your experiences. Then reach out - leave thoughtful comments on other blogs, tweet with your favorite bloggers and your readers, thank people for commenting, guest post other places and invite people to guest post on your blog. Connect, connect, connect. That's why it's called social media!
Don't be afraid to do something different or be someone "weird." The internet is full of weirdos! Heck, I blog about Rupert Grint way more than a healthy person should. Like I said, just be you. 

And that's a little bit about Valorie. You can follow her blog, follow her on Twitter or "like" her Photography Facebook page for entries in the giveaway.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

and now back to me...

6. We're a week in to the giveaway & we're not done yet. It's open for 1 more week, so be sure to stop over there & enter if you haven't already. (And if you have already entered -- don't forget you can get up to 10 points by completing 9 other tasks ♥)

7. I have Spring Cleaner Fever, but no motivation to actually start. It's an odd place to be.

8. We've been searching for houses all week online, and have seen 2 in person so far. Today & this weekend, we're visiting a few more. I'm hoping we find "the one" really soon, because I'm getting antsy!

9. A guy at work saw me in the hallway & instead of the usual "Hi," he said "You look good today... I mean, not that you don't look good every day... um..." And it was awkward. And awesome. All in one.

10. A cold front blew in & we definitely are taking advantage of it before another Texas Summer comes in!

{Have a wonderful weekend!}
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  1. I have spring cleaning fever too....I might as well just throw everything away and start from scratch! ;) LOL Happy weekend, girl! :)

  2. Great post! I loved getting to know more about Valorie.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, as a new blogger I appreciate it a lot! Pop by anytime :-) Thank you also for the invite to the giveaway, I'll have a look!

  4. It was great getting to know you better! :)