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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Braiding, 3 Ways.... sort of.

I can't get over braids. I've absolutely fallen in love with them & am really excited that they're the new "cool" hair trend.... but let me just say: this girl doesn't have braiding skills. I've been trying to increase my braiding skills, though, and after months of trial & error, I finally worked a few "braids" into my regular hair routine.

{ONE} The first is my "braided headband". (And I actually use this tip & cheat by just twisting the hair instead of actually braiding it). This is my favorite way to wear my hair, because I can get the headband affect without having to actually wear a headband (which doesn't work well with my glasses).

{TWO}The second is this side braid. I was going for something more like this, but I haven't learned how to French braid yet, so a free floating braid it way! I'm going to play a little more with this one, because I see great potential in it!

{THREE}The third "braid" I do is actually only using braids to make my hair extra wavy. I picked that little trick up from this Threadsense video. But I haven't mastered the actual braiding part in the second half of the video. Just the braid-to-make-it-wavy part.

the wavy part looks like this on me

I don't really mind my limited experience. It's giving me some great opportunities to learn. I just wish it came easier to me!

What's your favorite braiding technique right now? 
And what's your trick?

{Happy Tuesday}

ps - have you joined the party?
I'm over here meeting new people today ♥


  1. I wish I could braid. I'm going to try that headband out though! :) Thanks for posting that!!

  2. Loving braids right now! They can completely change your look! Loving the braid headband idea! I'm going to have to try it!


  3. I love the braided headband. I just wish my hair was long enough for a braid these days.

    Penniless Socialite

  4. Totally into braids and wish I could do more than the one style of braids I already know. BTW, thanks for coming by earlier and for leading me back here. Loving your blog and looking forward to many more posts! x

  5. I like to pin my bangs back in a "braid". I say "braid" because you're supposed to french braid your bangs down to your head from one side to the other in the front, but I usually end up doing a twist instead. Just start with a deep side part, start twisting at the roots and add more hair as you go across your head, then pin in place! I love it! It's super easy and works great with down hair, up hair, or even a side braid.

  6. Ohhh yeah, I am all about braids! My hair is finally getting long enough to where I can do more creative things with braids as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment :)

  7. I love the braided headband look - too bad I'm terrible at fixing my own hair.

  8. I'm loving braids as well and I really need to work on my skills...still don't know how to french braid either...lol.

    xo erica

  9. love that first braid! and side note- i see that you're a texas native. i'm visiting for the first time this weekend! so excited!

    <3 Emily