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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fashion for a Tuesday: Street Style at its best.

There's a few fashion weekends each year I can never get enough of. Red Carpet nights for the Oscar & Golden Globes & Grammy's are of course the top 3. And then there's New York Fashion Week (and London's and Savannah's and pretty much any big city fashion week).

And then there's Coachella weekend. Boho and bohemian mixed with rock & roll with a touch of flirty and girly details. Comfortable street style meant to withstand the outdoors but still look put together enough to make any internet browser jealous.

And this year hasn't disappointed. Here's a few of my favorite looks that I couldn't help but share:

Cut-out dresses & ankle boots

Source: ibtimes.com via Amy on Pinterest

Floral Mini + Rain boots
Celeb Style: Kate Bosworth

Leather, See-through tops, & Headbands

Source: instagr.am via Amy on Pinterest

Maxi dresses, big sunglasses and flowers in the hair
Fashion Blogger: Liz from Late Afternoon

Source: instagr.am via Amy on Pinterest

Combat boots and colored hair
Celeb Style: Katy Perry

Source: ghanamma.com via Amy on Pinterest

I love how dreamy it all is! I'm not sure I'll ever make it out to Coachella (didn't it sell out in about 5 minutes?) ... so instead I will draw inspiration from the style & continue to remind myself that fashion is fun.

Have a lovely Tuesday ♥


  1. I live a few hours from Coachella and have never been. For some reason it doesn't appeal to me lol. But it is fun to look at the crazy styles people rock.

  2. ah! i am going to coachella this weekend and i cannot wait! going to spend tomorrow after work finalizing my outfit choices (i wish i was kidding)

  3. Thank you for all the fashion inspiration!! Love!

  4. That cut out dress is adorable.