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Thursday, April 26, 2012

On Marriage & Blessings.

Relationships aren't easy. That's a commonly known & accepted fact. But sometimes, occasionally... relationships aren't hard, either. Sometimes relationships have been worked on enough for that period of time that they can sort of "coast".

You can sit back and enjoy what you've been working so hard on.

And this past weekend was that occasion for me. It wasn't "the best weekend ever" but it also wasn't the "worst weekend ever." It was just good. And good was what I wanted and what I needed.

BUT... good doesn't imply perfect either.

I went to bed early Saturday night because I was in a foul mood. It wasn't because of C. Sometimes moods just happen. But we still had our fun doing Taco Quest 2012. We kept up traditions by going to Aggie Muster. We even found a new place to move to (maybe! more on that soon, I hope).

It was good despite the imperfections.

Because we're pre-kid and are both blessed with Monday through Friday jobs, weekends are our time to relax together and reconnect. Each weekend is something different - and they aren't always awesome - but they're a blessing in my life right now.

And I've decided to enjoy this blessing for as long as possible.

What are your current blessings?

{Have a Lovely Day}

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  1. Love this!! Another great weekend starts tomorrow :)

  2. It's funny that you say that it was just good. Because that's how my weekend was last weekend, simply good. Not perfect, not amazing, not great, just good. :) I can blame hormones for my lack of enthusiastic mood though since my punctuation was soon to arrive!

  3. I can feel the love!! I have to say, the men in our life deserve awards just cause!! They know us in and out, and accept our "bad moods just cause"... gotta love em!!

    I am SURELY blessed with my own superman ;)

  4. I know exactly what you mean by the relationship reaching a point where it can just coast and it's such a good feeling! Glad to hear you guys had a good weekend :)

  5. This is SUCh a sweet post! We found ourselves nodding throughout the entire thing, in agreement! You've a lovely style of writing - and it sounds like you're in a really good place. Love to come across posts like this :)

    PS. We’ve a $75 Giveaway to PLNDR on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!


  6. Hi there! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog earlier this week :) I am so glad you found my blog, because as a result I found yours! This is such great advice- I'm getting married next month, and I consider myself blessed to have found my soulmate :) It's lovely to meet you! I'm a new follower of your blog- I'd love if you'd visit my site again, and maybe follow along so we can keep in touch! Thanks!
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

  7. sweet pics, relationships are definitely hard work but the person is always worth it.

    xo erica

  8. What you've written is really lovely. and cute pictures too :)

    love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  9. Love tour writing...:) You look just perfect together...Following you immediately..;)

    follow me back?




  10. You're right marriage isn't always easy, but even if we coast with what is good we can always still work on it and make it even better!!! =) PS - I don't like the hard stuff! xoxo

  11. SO true! I have been married for three years (have been with my hubby for 10 years total) and folks think he's so perfect and life's grand and so easy. Our relationship doesn't cause me stress (cuz that's no good) but we do work at it, always finding a balance between his life goal's/needs/hobbies/etc. and mine because they sometimes mesh perfectly, sometimes not. Just thinking about what movie the other person wants to watch is part of working on it. But sometimes we coast too, and it feels good. I like your comments on this, you have a good perspective. Refreshing.

  12. Thanks Amy for your lovely comment and visit. I truly agree with your point that at times relationship aren't hard to carry :) God bless you and stay in touch . Following you here . Love


  13. Yes, you should definitely enjoy your kid-free, relax and love weekends right now:) And then, just as much you will enjoy your hair in my face at 5am weekends as well, promise!