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Monday, April 30, 2012

Scenes & Lessons From the weekend.

The past few weekends have been wonderful. Relaxing & full of good food. And this weekend was no exception. We had two friends come up and hang out with us Saturday and Sunday, and it was awesome.

After the guys left, and I was pouring over my pictures and memories and considering what to write about, I realized while the pictures I took all told the story of the weekend, they represented something larger than just the weekend.

Here's a few lessons I learned:

{Lesson 1} I take too many pictures of myself.

With friends around this weekend, I realized how many pictures I really take of myself. I've joked about it here & there before... and C makes fun of me for it every time he catches me holding the iPhone camera up & making awkward faces... but man it became really evident to me this weekend just how many I actually take.

Not sure if this is a good, bad, or irrelevant realization.... I'll get back to you.

{Lesson 2} Food & Drinks are Made for Weekends.

Because I am trying to lose weight, I'm still following my no-carb/no-alcohol/no-dairy diet during the week. So, naturally, when the weekend comes along, I have some fun with it. And this weekend, with friends staying with us, the fun never ended. We tried more tacos, visited the local boat restaurant for Sangria Saturday & I even ate pizza with tortellini baked on top.

It was delicious... but I'm definitely ready for some fruit, salad, water & gym time :)

Top left: my grandparents in their 20s, Top right: My first Cubs game with my dad, 1988(ish)
Bottom left: C & I at Junior prom (2005), Bottom right: my brother with Max as a puppy

{Lesson 3} I Love Old Family Photos

I somehow ended up looking through a bunch of my photo albums this weekend... I was laughing and (almost) crying while flipping each page. I'm amazing at how many fun memories are stashed away on the top shelf of my closet. These are just 4 of my favorites I found. ♥

So it was a pretty productive weekend, as you can tell!
{Happy Monday!}


  1. what is that red drink? it looks sooooooo goooood!
    i take pictures of food and drinks all the time! and i probably take one too many pictures of my cat lol.

    great post.

  2. Awwwww! Wittle Clark and wittle Max!! They were so cute!!!

  3. Love looking through old photo albums, too. Funny how some things you so vividly remember and others, not at all. lol