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Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Musings: Just Me

I spent the entire weekend alone, while C was out of town on business. Its something that's taken effort getting used to. I consider myself an introvert, and staying home is usually our norm, but there's just something about being alone. I am extremely dependent on the people around me.

But each time I'm left alone, I fare better than the last. And this weekend was no exception.

Saturday was my day of complete and total relaxation. I watched more episodes of Gossip Girl than I'd care to admit -- and intermittently took naps between episodes. Since, you know, watching TV is such hard work... But by the time I officially went to bed on Saturday night, I was caught up on all my TV, well rested, and ready for the next day.

Sunday was my day of productivity. I cooked, I organized, I wrote in my journal. I watched the 1927 Academy Award Best Picture Wings [checking one more off the list], all the while stretching a bottle of Prosecco out over the day. I think Mimosas may be my productive juice.

I also ate really fancy, as my Twitter/Instagram pictures show. (Recipes to come, naturally)

And like magic, after two days of just me time, my battery is full. I'm so ready for the summer and all the upcoming changes.

Here's to a great week!

PS - {Post 100 of the year! Trying to make it good!}


  1. I love weekends alone! Ones where you maybe utter 3 words out loud. They can be both brilliant and destructive. Too much time in my head isn't always a good thing for me...

  2. I actually love weekends alone - it's nice to have some me time and recharge. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a busy weekend catching up on YOU time!! That's a beautiful thing girlie... gotta refuel our energy to prepare for the weeks ahead, right??

    Happy Monday Love!