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Thursday, May 24, 2012

No. 5: Be Proud and Brag.

This article has been circulating like crazy lately. And for good reason. It gives 15 tips on marriage that are insightful and fresh, even though it's not really anything new. It speaks the truth and I think anyone can learn from it.

I may work my way through each point eventually, but this morning I wanted to focus on #5: Be Proud and Brag.

C just graduated college, and I cannot stop thinking how proud I am of him for sticking to it and getting it done.

When we started college, we were young, in love, and totally lost. But C quickly got his bearings about him and began his quest to become the man that he is today. Through our entire freshman year, he worked his way through the Subway-land and found himself as an 18 year old assistant manager.

He's always been not only a hard worker, but a smart one. Anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.

But he didn't just work hard. He took care of me, drove me around (since I didn't have a car). He entertained my friends (since I was in a dorm and he has a house). He let me do laundry at his place, and watched all night Gilmore Girl marathons with me.

All the while I fell more in love with him.

While our Sophomore year started off rocky, by Christmas, C had a new job, was transferring to Texas A&M the following year, and he was making amazing grades while once again taking care of me while my family was going through some tough times.

He's always been that rock holding me up. That anchor keeping me in a safe and sane place.

And when Junior year came, so did an unexpected engagement.

Little did I know, but C sold plasma for over a year, while working 40 hours a week (while taking classes, while dating me) in order to buy me a ring I'd be proud of for years to come.

And in one of his most romantic gestures ever, he gave me that precious ring when I was least expecting it, because he wanted to sweep me off my feet. I still tear up thinking about how beautiful and promising that day was. And I remember the fear and excitement in his eyes when we decided to not wait until after graduation, but to get married in 5 months.

But he held firm, married me, and took a year off school so that I could finish while he supported us.

When it came time for him to go back to school, he never slowed down. Once again, I found myself blessed with a man willing to work full time, go to school full time and still find time to leave me love notes.

Every day since I met C, I've been impressed with his commitment and love and passion and drive. He is a man of honor. A man of his word. And a man every father should be proud to have his daughter marry.

And this past weekend, his hard worked paid off. He received his diploma. He is a college graduate. He has plans for the future. And I know he'll persist until he gets them done.

C, I love you. I am proud of you. And I am amazed every day by the fact that I am lucky enough to have you by my side. Thank you for everything you do.... Especially the things I'll never know about. Congratulations on graduating. Can't wait to see you continue on.... ♥


  1. Whoop! I am Class of 2003 and understand how amazing that is! Congratulations to you both :)

  2. Wow Amy! You are a pillar of encouragement. Let's turn the tables now and remind everyone that behind a successful man is a great woman! Love you both, Mom

  3. What a nice, heartfelt post. My eyes are a little misty. You have an amazing man and I think it's great that you KNOW it because so many people don't realize the wonderful things that they have. Congrats to C and I wish you BOTH the best in all the great things that are to come.

  4. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." The magic happens because the two of you found each other..

  5. Amy,

    What an amazing story about love, support, and how two people working together makes a marriage work. Congrats to C! That's such an amazing accomplishment. Thanks for sharing his story.


  6. This is really heart-felt. Your man sounds amazing and it's beautiful to see such inspiring couples. I feel similarly blessed to have found a man that's smart and super supportive. Thank you for sharing x

  7. totally teared up reading this. So glad I got to be there for pretty much all of that and see ya'll grow as a couple and individually!! and I had NO idea Christian sold plasma. what.a.stud.

  8. totally teared up reading this. So glad I got to be there for pretty much all of that and see ya'll grow as a couple and individually!! and I had NO idea Christian sold plasma. what.a.stud.

  9. Way to go lady! (and him too) But most importantly for you recognizing his hard work! (PS. I loved the article too!)

  10. Oh this is too sweet!! I def am a little watery after reading this. Congrats to C and to you, too! As all these other ladies have said- you also are pretty special! :D I'm so glad you blog so that I can keep up with you!