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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Put the Camera Down! (lessons from a 2 year old)

If you couldn't already tell from my Instagram feed -- I take lots of pictures. Pictures of nothing, really. I like to think I see the beauty in the mundane, but really I just like playing with filters & editing things & sharing pieces of my life. I see Apps like Instagram as my visual diary of daily life.

Maybe one day I'll look back & ohh and ahh over all the random little things. Or maybe I'll laugh at myself. Either way, it's something I enjoy doing now.

But occasionally, I'm reminded that sometimes it's good to put the phone/camera down & just enjoy where I'm at, and who I'm with. And this weekend, that reminder came in the form of my little blonde-headed nephew Danzig.

We had wandered down to Guadalupe River from my Grandparent's River House, and he wanted to put his feet in. So we were putting our feet in, practicing standing up on the top step in the river (because he is after all 2 and can't quite swim yet in a flowing body of water.) --- and I was having a field day taking pictures.

How could I not? He was so happy in the water, the background was perfect & I have an inordinate love of photographing this little guy.  But then he looked up at me and said, "Put the phone in the water!" ... To which I of course replied, No, that'll break it. But Danzig just insisted again, "Put the phone in the water!" .... as if wanting me to break it.

And then he started splashing me. And not really me, but my phone. He was eying it with disdain. It was a game to him - he laughed and splashed and I jokingly ran away - but it was something more than a game. He wanted me to put that phone down & just spend time playing in the water with him.

So I did.

And you know what? I had just as much fun. I have the memories. And I got to bond with my nephew on his terms.

Finding that balance of taking pictures to just living in the here & now isn't easy when we all literally carry a high-quality camera in our pocket. But it's something I'm trying to find.

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Have a Lovely Day!


  1. Great pictures Amy! And I love the lesson Danzig taught as well.

  2. oh boy, great lesson. we need to listen to our kiddos! and be present. not behind the camera. my son is ALWAYS telling me to put the camera down. :) kuddos to you!

  3. How cute! :) That is great advice!