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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekly Loving.

Oh what a lovely week I've had! Here's a few of the favorite things I've found on the web...

  • Peppermint Lemon Sticks (from A Subtle Revelry). Definitely bringing this to the family Memorial Day festivities!

  •   Putting my crafting/sewing skills to the test, this DIY workout shirt may be the perfect way to get a little more excited about hitting the gym...

  •  Saying goodbye to Kristen Wiig on SNL this weekend was so sweet! I got so chocked up during the goodbye dance number at the end. {Which you can watch here}

  •  As I'm planning on my move, the desire to garden is overwhelming. Even though I have the most brown thumb ever! But here's a great "easy-to-grow" garden set up. Even I may be brave enough to try it out...

Source: boyslife.org via Amy on Pinterest

  • I'm loving all the pretty pictures my friends are posting on Instagram! It's so cool to follow so many great people & get inspired by their daily activities.

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Have a Lovely Day ♥


    1. Omg ... Lemon Sticks?! My mind is blown! Love it

    2. I've been craving gardening too! But I've managed to kill cacti, so I'm not going to risk it. Good luck to you though! :)

    3. I'm loving that garden! We're in the process of getting our house on the market to sell, so I won't have one this year...but next year - definitely!!

      And that SNL video totally made me teary!

    4. Thanks for including me girl:)

    5. We're trying out something similar to that garden now. So far our tomatoes and zucchini are going crazy!

    6. Super cute workout shirt! I need to make one of those!!