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Friday, June 8, 2012

10 Things, Volume 21

1. The weather is getting hot. I'm starting to stay inside for lunch instead of going to the picnic tables outside. It makes me sad, but I hate being sweaty in the afternoons!

2. My brother Clark graduated from high school, and we're having a big graduation bash for him. I love this kid so much -- hard to believe when I left for college he was 12. He's grown up so much since then, and I'm so excited to see what he decides to do with himself. (Watch out - he's a great chef!)

3. Despite this, we're heading out of town this weekend to attend the party and to have some fun with friends. And I get to see my sister Dana for the first time in forever! {plus this cutie and this one}

4. We're spending the night in San Antonio for a little change, though. Usually we go to Austin or stay in New Braunfels. But we're mixing it up, and I'm really excited to venture out to a new nightlife.

5. On a completely other random note, New York & Company is having a 50% off dress sale through tonight. And all I can say is get on that. They've got some cute stuff. My eye is on this $15 dress, which is perfect for summer!

6. While I'm out & about, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I never stop posting there!

7. Whether you're staying home this weekend or going to a party - here's some great cocktails perfect for summer. And that's my promise. (I tested them all myself, after all!)

8. My friend Valorie's MAJOR giveaway is still going on. You could win a FREE WEDDING photographer. So if you're engaged, or know someone who is, pass this along.

9. I just discovered 101 Cookbooks. How's that possible? It's amazing.

10. And speaking of amazing, thank you for reading & just being here. It really does mean a ton to me, and I don't think you enough for it.

{Have a Lovely Weekend}


  1. I loooove me one NY&Co... Thanks for the dress sale heads up!

  2. I've been eyeing those dresses at NY&CO too. LOVE their stuff. I have several GREAT, COMFY dresses from there that I've had for many, many summers and they are still going strong :)

  3. I love NY&Co's dresses and work wear. They are so affordable and cute.