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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beat the Heat: Summer Movie Guide

The Summer movies are here!! Maybe you've already gone and seen Snow White and the Huntsmen or Prometheus. Maybe you're the type that waits until DVD releases (and if so, come back and read this around Christmas time). I unapologetically LOVE Summer movies. They're fun, adventurous, and it's a nice way to get out of the heat.

So, to continue my Beat the Heat series, I'm diving into the Summer movies I'm most looking forward to. (For an entire Summer Movie Guide, go here.)

Rock of Ages
I've been anticipating this movie since Adam Shankman stopped judging on "So You Think You Can Dance" last summer. I love him, and have followed his producing career for a few years now with mild interest. Then when this movie was announced, I jumped on that cheesy, throw-back bandwagon. I don't anticipate this being the best film of the summer, but I'm already so in love with it that I wouldn't miss it for the world. Plus, who doesn't want to see Alec Baldwin as a old hippie?

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
If Steve Carell had to leave "The Office" to pursue a movie career, he better impress me soon. And I'm really praying this movie shows me what Crazy, Stupid Love tried to show me last summer. Plus, Keira Knightly in a role that somewhat resembles her care-free Love, Actually self is something I'd love to see. And as  plus, the movie's from the same gal that gave us the fun-loving (though mediocre) Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. It could surprise us all.

To Rome with Love
If you would have asked me 5 years ago what my favorite Woody Allen film was, I probably wouldn't have been able to name one. But after watching Annie Hall and Midnight in Paris, plus a few more (and a random PBS documentary we accidentally recorded - to our delight), I am obsessed with the gentleman. And will definitely be catching this quirky flick.

Katy Perry: Part of Me
I don't hide my love for Katy Perry. I think she's fantastic. And since I actually went to her tour last summer - which the film follows - I can't stay away from the theatrical telling of it all. {See my review of her concert here} I'm a sucker for all things Katy, even if the buzz is slightly negative.

Hope Springs
Meryl Streep in a romantic comedy which may allow me to see Tommy Lee Jones crack a smile for the first time since 1995? YES PLEASE! Plus, it's another Steve Carell performance... which I'm considering his back up in case Seeking a Friend... totally flops. ♥

Premium Rush
Michael Shannon - one of Christian's favorite actors - and Joseph Gordon-Levitt - one of my favorite's - rounds out the summer with this low special effects, high action bicycle thriller. Even if the script and plot may be like many others that we've seen, the promise of these two brilliant actors together is enough for me.

Don't think I've forgotten  The Amazing Spider Man & The Dark Knight Rises. I'll definitely be catching those, probably multiple times. We've been catching up on the Christopher Nolan Batman films in anticipation. I just figured we're all on board, and this couldn't be a comprehensive list anyway... you'd never get to the end ♥

What movie are you looking forward to this summer?

PS - Summer 2011 Movie Guide


  1. I love going to the movies in the summer!

  2. My husband and I rarely go to the movies but in the summer we go to the local drive in. I never really care what we see as long as we go. I like to wear comfy pjs and sit outside eating dinner. Its probably my favorite thing to do all summer.

  3. I cannot wait to see the new Pixar movie Brave!!! Only 2 more weeks!!

  4. I really want to see the new Disney and Pixar movie Brave! I can't decide if I should go alone or take my niece and nephew so it looks like I have kids.

    I also kind of want to see Magic Mike, which looks like a male version of Coyote Ugky, but I can't resist Channing Tatum.

  5. Snow White and the Huntsman was SSSOOO GOOD!

  6. Meryl and Tommy... What an unexpected duo! Can't wait.


  7. aw, so excited for the katy perry movie. love her!!! and i think rock of ages will be hilarious!
    xo TJ

  8. great post honey, and nice movie!


  9. ooooo i didn't even know woody allen came out with a new movie! god, these are really going to bite into my budget, i literally want to see all of them. thank you for that haha

  10. I totally want to see Rock of Ages, I just need someone with the same guilty pleasure to join me!

  11. Ha! We spent our 4th in the theater, desperately trying to hide away from the sweltering weather!