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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beat the Heat: Summer Party Outfits

Welcome back to Birthday Week, day 2! I came home last night to a beautiful vase of yellow flowers & a clean kitchen. I do have the sweetest man ♥

My favorite part of birthday week is always picking out the perfect outfit to wear to a sexy dinner with my man, drinks out with friends, or a family picnic. Since I'm gifted with a summer birthday, I've always had the luxury of hosting indoor (dinner parties) or outdoor (swimming parties) events. It's fun to have that flexibility!

Here's a few outfits I'd love to wear over the next few days...

As you can see, they're all perfect for the summer heat. ♥

What's your outfit of choice?


  1. I love the black dress with the blue pumps. I have a similar pair and they are my go-to date night shoes.

    Penniless Socialite

  2. These are great! I especially love the middle outfit and the top from the picnic as well!

  3. Love all of your outfits, especially the second one!

  4. These outfits are ALL so adorable!!!

    Loving your new blog loo, too :)