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Friday, June 22, 2012


... Packing to go visit friends this weekend. We have a hotel, dinner reservations & a great time planned. I can't wait!

... Sleeping really well. Finally. I went a few days this week without any good sleep, and it took a real toll on me.

... Browsing pictures from my birthday - and discovering old ones from my niece's birth that I forgot I had taken on my other camera! There may be some cuteness headed your way next week ♥

... Drinking protein shakes blended with frozen fruit every morning. It's delightful. Today's is Chocolate with Mixed Berries. Yesterday was Vanilla Mango.

... Laughing at my Dad - he called me on my birthday and didn't say anything. About four hours later, he called & said he had just realized what that day was! It was hilarious.

... Wishing my mom safe travels this weekend. She's flying up to Wyoming to visit my dad (he's working there for the summer). It's still weird when both my parents are out of the state, even though no one lives at home anymore.

... Telling you to have a fantastic weekend!! Enjoy yourself.  

See you Monday ♥


  1. Have a great weekend, too. And yes, sleep is important!


  2. Hope you have a fun, restful weekend!

  3. Have fun! Get some rest. I haven't had good sleep in 3 years (I have 2 kids.) One day I will catch up!


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  4. YAY for exciting weekend plans! It's fun to get away and stay in a hotel! I hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend too :)

  5. LOVE yummy morning protein shakes! I've been doing my own version of "frappuccinos" this week...so good! I love them with fruit too :) What protein powder are you using?

  6. Those protein shakes sound amazing!