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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Guest Post} Home and Its Many Meanings

This week, I am very excited to bring you a collection of posts from some of my favorite online friends, while C & I are currently in transit. I am extremely grateful for their help & love what they've put together.

Today's guest writer is Selma from Crazy Little World of Mine. She's a world traveler, and a girl with many homes. I've grown very fond of Selma's rants & expressions. She is a sweetheart on the web & I'm very happy that you can see a little bit into her world today 


Hello there! My name is Selma and I write over at Crazy Little World of Mine. Today I am delighted to guest post for Amy while she is busy moving things around and getting settled into her new home. And "home" is also part of today's post.

HOME, as dictionary.com defines it means a few things but the following three stood out:

  • a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household
  • the place or region where something is native or more common
  • the place in which one's domestic affections are centered

Home means so much more than just those three definitions. Home to me is not what home is to you or to your loved ones or to your best friend. Years ago I thought home meant the city I grew up in and maybe the place I would live in and looking at the definitions above I wasn't wrong with that idea. Though today I know and feel that the word home has an incredibly powerful sensation and an impossibly strong meaning to me which makes it very difficult to describe.

You see, and as Amy knows from reading my blog, I have more than just one home and I love all my three to four homes, and would probably not mind adding a few more to that list. Home is not only the place I grew up in and have family and friends in, nor is it the place I currently live in. Home to me embodies the place where I most feel at peace with myself, where I find my true self, have my loved ones around me, have daily adventures to conquer (including work of course), and a place that I know will influence me forever.

Currently I am back in Switzerland visiting relatives and dear friends. I am in my hometown where I was born and raised, where I went to school, and fought my way through work and its weekly or daily obstacles. I'm home, and I'm loving it. Though I don't live here.

I live in Los Angeles where I slowly feel more at home than I would have ever imagined. I am going back next month. I have to leave home for another home. Every time I do this it gets bittersweet because emotions I thought I had under control emerge and I second guess all of my actions, and wonder why I am the so-called expat that I am. These feelings get worse when I visit my relatives and friends in Turkey each summer, or travel for a longer period of time. That is when I often see myself from above like as if I am flying, and I see myself standing in the middle of nowhere being able to go to all of these marvelous places and experience history and life in all kinds of forms, and although I appreciate, value, love and cherish the opportunity I have been given to travel and even live abroad it always, and here I have to stress always, leaves me wondering with "what if?" and "why?".

The "what if?" and the "why?" moments are normal let me tell you.

I moved from Europe to California, then back to Europe and ended up back in California last year. I would be lying if I said it was easy or fun or very difficult or sad. It was all of it.

If you have ever moved across the world, or just to another state, or to another city or really just down the street you may know what I mean. It is never easy even though you might be used to moving. It is never fun because really, who likes packing boxes and organizing the whole move? Why am I doing this (again)? And yet, it is exciting to move into a new place, into a new area, start from scratch and find new ways to enjoy your everyday life. Moving into a new home, whatever that may mean to you, is a wonderful experience and one that should not be missed. The "what if?" or even the "why?" moments occur because we are afraid of change and because we don't want to leave what we have come to accept and love. To feel like this is very normal and should never hinder us to move, travel, or find our home. It is the essential and almost only way to experience something new, live differently, learn new things and embrace the unknown. The questions and the doubts that will arise are part of the experience and only help us form the sacred and cozy place we easily refer to as home.

As Amy is going through boxes, suitcases, and who knows what else I am sure she will experience the move from one home to another very differently. She will, as I have many many times, leave part of herself in her old home and look forward to new adventures in her new home. She may or may not experience what I have just described but I know the new home will be a wonderful new start to a hopefully glorious future. Kitschy I know.

Home, as I see it, is where you are and what you do with it, and not really where you are from.

So, what do you think?
What does the word home mean to you?

Thank you Amy for letting me write on your blog and thank you all for reading this rather long post. I hope I  have given you food for thought - especially when you are confronted with "what if" and "why" questions if you ever have or wish to move and leave home. It is always worth it. Always. You'll see.


  1. Home is a place of rest and beauty. We have fight to build it, and fight to keep it that.

  2. "Home is where you are and what you do with it." Love this! I don't have just one home either and I love reading about other people who feel the same way. :)