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Monday, July 23, 2012

{Guest Post} Lessons from Moving

This week, I am very excited to bring you a collection of posts from some of my favorite online friends, while C & I are currently in transit. I am extremely grateful for their help & love what they've put together.

Today is Amanda from Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures. She currently lives in Connecticut with her boyfriend "M" and dalmatian Louie. She's what I would call "one of those crazy runners" and follows races all along the East coast. It's quite impressive. Today, Amanda is talking about her recent move & a few lessons she learned from it...


Hi friends of Amy! I'm Amanda and write over at Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures! See? That's me with our wonderful puppy Louie. He's six months old now and growing like a weed. And the "our" I'm referring to is my boyfriend, M, and I.

Anyways, since Amy is on the move, literally, I'm honored that she asked me to guest post. M and I moved at the beginning of June from a spacious, rent-free two-bedroom raised ranch to a one-bedroom second floor apartment...

To give some back story, I was house-sitting for family friends back starting in November (that was my first time moving out of my parents' and living alone). M finally found a job down here and moved in in February. So basically, we've been blissfully living in sin for almost six months now! And I mean it when I say blissfully because after a little over a year of long distance, it's wonderful to have my best friend and boyfriend under the same roof.

Moving attire

But here's the blatant truth: moving sucks. So I'm going to give you the truth and some quick tips on what to do or not do when moving. 

Don't move everything in one weekend. If  you're able to, take extra time off to move. Trying to move everything in one weekend and after work is exhausting. I started around 7:30AM and didn't sit down to enjoy a vodka drink until 9:30PM! The only break I took was around 2 for a lunch. Moving makes you hungry.

My post moving vodka drink...

Recruit friends and family. Part of the issues with our move was that M and I couldn't do it together. We had limited time, and then he had to go up to his hometown for his brother's graduation. So I did the majority of the remaining moving and unpacking by myself. That part was rough. The day probably would have been much easier if I had my partner-in-crime with me.

Don't get a puppy the weekend you move. Part of the reason that we needed to be moved and puppy-proofed was because Louie was arriving that Sunday afternoon. It would have been a lot harder keeping tabs on him, plus moving/unpacking at the same time.

Louie and M when we picked  him up at the airport

So there's just a few tidbits on what to do and not do! Come stop on over to Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures and say hello!


  1. Seriously, moving is SUCH a drag!! I always try and cramp everything in ONE weekend.. sometimes ONE DAY!! LOL. I def agree though.. recruit family since they're there to help!! Good luck girlie!

  2. That pup, I die! Moving is never fun!

    Love her already!


  3. Hahaha, yes, don't get a puppy the weekend you move!! although he's a cutie!!