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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Looking ahead...

Source: veer.com via Gabriel on Pinterest

My best brainstorming sessions come when I'm alone.

When I find myself alone, I'm either super productive or super lazy. There's really not an in-between. Sometimes, super lazy is necessary. Last week was crazy at work, plus my second after-hours job picked up a bit, and come Friday, I was exhausted. So, super lazy weekend it was!

But usually, my alone times are super productive. I brainstorm craft ideas, recipe ideas, blog ideas. I dream up future business plans, and reorganize my life priority list. I read books intentionally. I even watch movies with a purpose. Those times are refreshing, because those times allow me to mark things off my To-Do list, and that makes me feel accomplished & just a bit lighter, if even for a moment.

(BONUS: a great To-Do List website, that I'm loving recently)

I posted the image below yesterday, but it spoke to me so much that I felt it necessary to share again.

I've found that I have a second super productive state. And that's brainstorming with C. 

Now, this doesn't happen often. We both have to be in the perfect mood for it. But when it does happen, it's magical. It's amazing how well we bounce ideas off of each other. He's the perfect pessimistic realistic balance to my naturally-idealistic thinking.

Over the past few months, I've changed my blog name. I've moved Facebook pages. I've changed the look of my blog. And I've been changing the structure and focus of my posts.

C has been the guiding voice of reason behind it all. And I'm happy to say that we have a lot of great things coming your way soon! I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I really think these series coming up will be really fun for me to write, and really fun for you to read.

So stay tuned for how to make piñatas and blog coding advice. How to make a perfect taco and how to host the perfect giveaway. (See two trends there?)

Fall is bringing crisp, cool weather, and really awesome stuff here. (Plus, football! Hello, new SEC rivals ♥ ) I'm so excited about it, I had to give my excitement its own post! :)

Want to "brainstorm" with me? If there's something you want to read about, let me know!


  1. Yes yes yes! It is so true! My creative spark did not come until I learned to love time WITH ME! I had to love myself in order to let my inner artist out. I am so grateful I realized this because it changed my LIFE! PS: love the sound of whats coming on the blog...pinatas and tacos? HOLLA!

  2. Pinatas, tacos and blog how to!! Can't wait!

  3. Looove that first quote. So perfect & so true.

  4. It's interesting that your best brainstorming comes when you're alone since mine comes when running or right before I fall asleep lol