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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Move In Week

This week has been exhausting. For both C & me.

Living and working in a college town brings with it certain pros and certain cons. The summer's are really fun around here, there are always interesting people around, etc. But, one of the biggest cons is move in week.

Move in week brings 20,000++ people into town. Students are moving in. Parents are helping them. Professors are back from the summer break. Sororities and Fraternities are having rush weeks. The peaceful rhythm the whole town falls into over the summer is immediately and abruptly interrupted. 

Chaos and excitement are everywhere.

C works at one of the most popular bakeries in town, managing its catering (yesterday was one of his 3 biggest sales day of the year) and I work in tech support for one of the biggest departments on campus (so, we're getting everything organized and ready for the semester).

Basically, we're both swamped, stressed... and just plain old exhuasted.

So that means early bedtimes. Extra cuddling. Longer hugs... We're making it through, we'll soon be fully adjusted again to the chaos of the semester and (soon enough) football weekends. Just have to get through this week, then we'll be in the clear!

Almost the weekend.


  1. Yikes! Well hopefully the chaos dies down soon but the excitement continues :-)

  2. I'm so sad that summer is over!!! The beginning of the semester really snuck up on me! I hope your work load simmers down soon :)