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Thursday, August 16, 2012

On Marriage and Having Creative Friends

My addiction of taking pictures can blamed on a few things. But the amount of friends I've had who have decided to become photographers is partially to blame.

I'm surrounded by creative people, who are such an inspiration to me. And I'm blessed by their talent in the forms of paintings, lovely things to read, and photography.

My friend Leslie is maybe one of the most creative people I've ever met. Her blog is a constant source of inspiration to me. And she has a photography business. So, wanting to spend a bit more time with her and wanting to do something special for our three year anniversary, I called Leslie up and we made a photography date.

On July 4. At 7:30 in the morning. Because that's the only time we knew we wouldn't melt outside. And by about 8:30, the melting began, and we called it a day. And a few weeks later, a super cute envelope (with a super sweet note attached) was handed to me, and these lovely pieces of time were waiting for me to devour.

I love having these lovely shots of the two of us. And I love that Leslie was the one to take them. You can tell she has such a sweet nature just by her framing and editing. And I love the story the whole collection tells.


Thanks, friend, for a wonderful memory!

And if you're in Texas, call Leslie up. You won't be disappointed ♥

Leslie Laughs: Blog | Twitter


  1. Lovely photos, Thanks for stopping by & following.
    I'm your newest follower :)


  2. These photos are gorgeous! It makes them just that much more special that they were taken by such a good friend. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I am now following via GFC :)


  3. oh gosh, it's true! all of my friends have decided to become photographers. and they are all so talented. really wishing i knew how to take great pictures right about now. these are all beautiful!
    xo TJ

  4. that brick wall is way cute!!! love these shots girlie... you two are super adorbs!

  5. I saw you on A Cup of Jo. I laughed so hard at your comment I had to follow you. Going through your blog and I'm liking what I see. So nice to spot you :)

  6. These are darling! What a great idea for an anniversary. Love it! Hope your weekend is a good one Amy :-)

  7. Love your pictures! They are beautiful! A photoshoot at 7:30 is dedication ;)