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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blogging, a Tutorial: Vol. 1

I'm nearing my two year blogiversary, and I can't believe it! I feel all grown up in this little blog world. I can't help but be excited about what I've done here and what I've learned.

And as my excitement was growing, I came up with an idea.... why not share some things that I've learned with my the world? So I made a list.... And the list grew to over 20 topics I wanted to touch on.

So hold on. Because this is going to get fun! Over the next few weeks months, I'm going to share tips, tricks and insider's ideas on all things blogging. From HTML coding, to my tips for hosting giveaways. I have a few "blogging pet peeves" and will definitely have some guests stop by & share their expertise.

This week, I'm starting basic...


Starting a blog is easy. You pick a platform (Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Livejournal), create an account, and go!

So you have your blog. Now what?

I've had so many friends mention to me that they don't know where I get all my ideas from. "How do you always find something to write about?" I've been asked countless times. And after thinking about my answer, I've determined 3 simple questions every blogger must ask themselves....

{1} Who Are You?
Crafter? Writer? Baker? Cook? Artist? Mom? Store owner? Photographer?

{2} What Do You Like?
Pop culture? Thrifting? Fashion? Books? DIY's? Telling your life story? Making money? Promoting your business?

{3} How Private Are You?
Anonymous? Share pictures of yourself? How about what town you live in? Pictures of your kids?


My answer to these three questions sums up my blog pretty nicely:
I am a writer interested in pop culture, marriage and food who wants to share most parts of my life with the general public.
Which, that's nice to write out, but the reality is that these questions aren't answered in neat little one-sentence structures. The answers are formed over months and years of experience and life. And the answers aren't always static. When I feel my blog getting a little stale, I take a step back and ask myself 1, 2, & 3....

Starting a blog is so much more than signing up for an account. It's discovering what you're passionate about, and what you want to share with the world. I've seen blogs that are super specific, others that are super broad. Some that are all text, some that are all images. The beauty of the blog is the lack of "rules".

I'm drawn towards more personal blogs, while others may like the more cut-and-dry tutorial blogs.

But whatever blog you write, or stumble across, the three answers above have been answered at one point or another -- even if subconsciously. I'd argue the ones that answer consciously will produce better content over the long haul, and won't flame out when the response isn't what's desired.

So, you want to start a blog? Great! Find out who you are & the rest will come. Trust yourself. Trust your interests and your passions. And know what you're comfortable sharing.

Now go, have fun! Blog!

And stay tuned for next week ♥


  1. Great tips so far! I can't wait to see what else you have in store. I always love hearing what other bloggers have to say about their blogging experience.

  2. Really looking forward to this series! I've always wondered what the genesis is for people who blog better than I do. How do they come up with content? I like the idea of crafting almost a mission statement for a blog.