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Thursday, September 20, 2012

On Marriage & Blanket Hogs

I hate to admit it, but if you moved that line just a little more to the right (or pretty much removed it from the equation), that would actually be my part of the blanket.

That's right: I'm a blanket hog.

I sleep in the middle of the bed, I toss, I turn, I move all around, I sometimes talk in my sleep and I steal all the blankets. Two nights ago I even managed to kick C out of bed! But somehow he still gets a few moments of shut eye.

During the summer, the blanket stealing isn't that big of a problem, but as soon as it turns cold, he's developed a system... Keep another blanket close by! This week started the colder evenings, so every night before we fall asleep, he makes sure the extra blanket is next to his side of the bed, for easy access when he inevitably wakes up freezing with no blanket.

And this is even after trading our full mattress in for a king one.

Tell me: Are you the blanket hog or the victim? 


  1. haha i love this- im always the victim. my husband just TAKES the blanket sometimes. hence why i always sleep with a sweatshirt and pants incase i end up with nothing in the morning lol

  2. My husband is a total blanket hog. He does the "tuck and roll", which is where he tucks the blanket under his arm and then takes it with him when he rolls over shortening my part of the blanket. He also kicks his leg out and pinches the covers so I get hardly any as well. Good thing I'm a warm sleeper, but I definitely have an extra blanket handy just like your hubby.

  3. Hahaha what a great illustration! I'm right there with you on being a blanket hog, I swear I don't mean to be. In fact I usually wake up in the middle of the night to give more of the blanket back to my fella, only to still have the majority of it in the morning, haha.

  4. Ha...this is so funny! I claim I am the victim sometimes, but my boyfriend will claim I am the blanket hog :) I did suggest one time we either need a larger blanket, or need a second one to have close by in case one of us found ourselves without a blanket.

  5. I'm so the victim, it's kinda ridiculous! My husband actually wraps himself in the blanket like a human burrito so I can't even help myself to a little but of cover if I need to in the middle of the night. It works ok now that I'm huge and pregnant and sweating at all times, but soon he'll be regretting his hogging ways!

  6. This is the realest thing I've read today... which I am seriously guilty of! I'm such a blanket hog, but honestly it's not all my fault! My choc lab jumps on the bed in the middle of the night and cuddles SMACK right in between my hubs and I and since it's in the middle, she scoots the blanket off his side... I'm not sure if that's on purpose or what but I always have more blanket in the morning. THEN if I see him with another blanket, I get offended like, "why aren't you sharing MY blanket?!?!" LOL This is hilarious!

    xo, Bev

  7. I'm a blanket hog too but my husband snores really loud so I call it even!!!

  8. Omg just laughed out loud! My hubs is such a blanket hog... But I hog all the pillows so it's okay ;)

  9. ROFL! More often than not, I find myself being the victim. My boyfriend always manages to pull the blankets off of me, and sleeps in the middle of the bed, on a diagonal, leaving me to the very edge.