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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project: Declutter 2012. {September Edition}

I blame it all on those years of going to school. When September comes, I start settling into a new semester. My mind resets. I yearn for football and lazy Saturdays and for memories to be made.

Some of my fondest memories are associated with the start of school and the beginning of fall. My first kiss. Finding my best friend. My first Halloween "out".  Plus, the switch to cooler weather just makes me happy!

As I'm coming out of a really stressful summer -- and after what I believe to be failing my August goals --  I wanted to focus on September goals that would help me reset. Refocus.


Project Devlutter is my promise to myself to focus on doing less. Not more.


1) Seek Inspiration
The changing of the season brings inspiration in so many areas. Fashion. Food. Nautre. Traditions. Holidays. I want to enjoy it all and absorb as much of it as I can. Enjoy the little things, if you will.

2) Write Authentically
When I get busy, I stop focusing on value. I don't want to do that this fall. I want to take the time to really invest in my writing, and in everything I do. I want write I write ti matter. And to do that, I need to be authentic. Taking time to map out my posts and putting my whole heart behind each one. Not only will it be more fun for me, but it'll be more interesting to you.

3) Rest Well
My biggest shortcoming of the last month was not resting well. I allowed my stress and anxiety control my days off. I want my nights and weekends to be refreshing and fun. I want to enjoy my day-to-day. So I'm going to focus on finding rest. Leaving my worries at the door, and loving life instead.

I'm looking forward to many more Saturday mornings full of waffles & Football ♥


Fall is fun and refreshing. It's a new semester. And football is here!! What are your goals for the month?


  1. Great goals! I, too, and looking forward to fall, football, and the cooler weather. I like to hunker down in my Ravens jerseys and sweatpants and enjoying my Sundays watching the games!

  2. I'm a new follower and I love this post. Decluttering is a marvelous idea and I think I will take your lead and do the same! Fall is always a good time to start anew!



  3. My goal this month is to get as baby-ready as I realistically can be! :)

  4. Love all your goals. My goal for this month would be to rest up too.

  5. I need to focus on number 2 more for this little blog of mine. I need to get back to me!