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Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Update.

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the birthday boy - with his cross bow, taking a self-portrait after stealing my phone, and posing like a natural

This weekend was our last one going anywhere for quite awhile. But it was for a good cause. My nephew Danzig turned 3. And I wasn't about to miss his party, even if I may have had one of the worse weeks ever last week.

It was a super quick there-and-back sort of trip. Left home at 3 on Friday. We were back less than 24 hours later. But that 24 hours totally revived my soul, and I feel more than ever like I'm ready to take on this week.

This kid knows what he wants. And what he wanted was to cut his own cake. Not sure why, but my mom actually let him. So, we all stood by carefully watching this 3-year-old demolish his chocolate cake by "Hulk smashing" it with his knife.

Side note: the strawberries were a last-minute addition. Danzig saw them in my mom's fridge and made her put them on the cake.

Like many kid birthday parties, presents were abundant. My sister and her fiance, Denver, did an excellent job keeping Danzig's attention as he tore through each packaging. They made him say "thank you" to each person as he was opening their gifts.

The amount of Marvel and DC products bought was of no surprise. This kid loves his action heroes. (There was also a sling-shot and cross bow involved in the gifts. Those were his two favorites, obviously.)

The 4 "Ogrin" kids - I'm the oldest. Then Jess, Dana & finally Clark.

I didn't spend much time with my siblings, but the little time I did get to spend was really enjoyable. It's amazing how we're all so different. But you can see how much we look alike. It's really creepy when I see certain shots of us. Especially me & my brother. That's the first picture we've taken just the two of us in a few years, and I'm a little freaked out at how identical our eyes are.

I also saw my dad for the first time since April. He, my mom & I stayed up until way past midnight sipping wine and talking about politics, money, and life. The usual.

And since I kept my parents up way too late, I found myself having to roll out of bed to watch the kids when my sister dropped them off on her way to work. And I didn't mind one bit. I spent an entire hour alone with Pepper & Danzig on Saturday morning. And they were just the sweetest I've ever seen them.

So I'm going into Monday, and my heart is full. I'm full of football and family (and fajitas ♥ ) ready to take on the week!!

Happy Monday ♥


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with your family! Those chocolate covered strawberries look delish.

  2. Looks like a great weekend, and yum fajitas!

    Stopping in from the weekend update!