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Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Update.

This weekend, we drove over to Houston to meet up with some dear family friends who had driven in from New Orleans to see a concert. (Did I mention they're both over 70?) And while we had a great time visiting with them & would have been satisfied with just that, we decided to make a weekend of it!

So we booked a hotel and signed up for a pub crawl. And it was awesome.

Stop 1Georgia's Market
The first stop was a cute organic market with a wine cellar, which featured Texas wine & beer. It'd be a great place to stop & have lunch, or pick up ingredients if you live in downtown Houston. We were slightly confused by the fermented tea drink we tried, but that's OK. The wine cellar made up for it ♥

Stop 2: Hearsay
Hearsay was a gorgeous Gastro Lounge with a giant chandelier in the ceiling, expensive cocktails and a delicious menu (we went back for brunch on Sunday because I fell so in love withe place.) We tried a Bacon Curacao Bourbon drink, and a Mescal Orange cocktail. Definitely a place worth hitting up.

Stop 3, 4 & 5Warren's InnMarket Square ParkLa Carafe
The next few stops were cool, though probably not my favorite bars of ever. La Carafe is a "haunted" bar full of red lights and creepy candles. It's cash only and wine/beer only. Market Square Park is a beautiful green spot in the middle of the busy city. Warren's Inn had a great Manhattan (and used to be a burlesque club, and still features the "stage" with booths on it now.)

Sunday we slept in, ate a lovely brunch back at Hearsay (with their bottomless mimosas for only $12!) & topped off the entire weekend by catching "Sleepwalk With Me" at the Houston Sundance Theater.

It was just a fun 24 hour vacation! C & I definitely benefited from the time away from home.

Now, welcome back to Monday! ♥


  1. fun weekend, amy! glad you guys got to get away from your own town for a weekend. i know that's always nice.

    love your new blog name and new design! like i really really love it! :)

    happy monday!

  2. i'm excited to check out georgia's market! i work downtown, so it will be a great lunch break trip!

    happy monday!

    xo, sarah grace