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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blogging, a Tutorial: Vol. 5

Blogging, to me, is so much more than just writing and sharing my life -- it's an opportunity to be a part of a community. To talk to people you may have otherwise never met. To have discussions and parties and to learn things.

Luckily, social media has come along & expanded the blogging world into so much more. I am so excited that I have the privilege and opportunity to blog during this time of growing connectivity.

Today, I wanted to do a run-down of the social media I use, how I use them, and to offer some tips of what I've learned about each site...


Facebook [my page]

I use a Facebook page instead of my personal profile to promote Interpret As You May. It allows me to reach a "non-blog" audience, to share ideas and inspirations more often, and it allows me to interact with other blogs, brands and pages in a way no other platform does.

Some Tips:
  • Pick your page name carefully. Once you pass 200 fans, you can't change the name.
  • Cover picture and profile picture should represent your blog well. Be cohesive.
  • Don't have a service automatically post links to your blog posts (i.e. Networked Blogs, BlogLovin', etc.) Take the time to manually share your links on Facebook!
Twitter [my page]

This is my "on the go" conversation with the world. It's quick, convenient, communal, and allows for us all to be connected all the time. I don't have to have the cell phone number for a blogging friend in California. I can just tweet them, if I see something that I know they'll like, and voila! the fun is shared. It also gives you a voice & personality unlike any other platform.

Some Tips:
  • Make it public. Private accounts are fine, but not to represent your blog.
  • Interact! Don't just share links to your blog or Instagram pictures. Talk to others. Give compliments! Your favorite blogger will more than likely respond ♥ (Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo, Jamie Beck of From Me to You and Elise Larson of A Beautiful Mess have totally responded to me! And it just makes me love their blogs more.)
  • Don't have Facebook & Twitter linked. They're different sites with different purposes. If you have them linked, go unlink them now.
Instagram [my page]

As mobile phone cameras get more awesome, so does picture sharing! I love Instagram, because sometimes words aren't sufficient. It's dynamic and adds a level of personality, creativity and tangibility to you. It humanizes the person behind the blog, and makes others feel like part of your world.

Some Tips:
  • Don't just post pictures of your dog, face, or food. That gets boring.
  • Photo a Day challenges are a great way to meet others in the community.
  • Comment! Like! Share! Compliment! We're in this together, so let's have fun & build each other up in the process.
  • Don't #hashtag every little part of your photo. It's a turn-off. 
Tumblr [my page]

While this is unto itself a blogging site, I use it as an image-intensive supplement to my blog. All my Instagram pictures are posted to my Tumblr page, and it's where I pass along graphs and animated GIF's that don't fit anywhere else. Pinterest has honestly taken me away from Tumblr in the past year, so I'm still trying to figure out its place in my "brand." But there's a great community to experience within Tumblr that's worth the effort to pursue.

Some Tips:
  • Tumblr is best (in my opinion) for image-intensive posts. Use it to create a mood board or find inspiration.
  • If you don't have a profile, make one & just play around in Tumblr. It's worth checking out.
  • Share your blog posts to Tumblr - you never know who will re-blog you! (It's like a wild fire over there sometimes.)

Pinterest [my page]

Come back next week.... I have a whole bunch to say about it ♥


I started this series as a way to celebrate my blog's second birthday & to give back to you. If there's ever a topic you want covered - or if you want to contribute - let me know! I'd love to talk to you ♥

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  1. i'm loving this series. i'm definitely guilty of only posting pics of my dog/face/food/feet on instagram...woops! :)