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Thursday, October 25, 2012

On Marriage & Busy Weekends

When we were first married, we set aside Sunday mornings for "business meetings" -- a time dedicated to making meal plans, discussing finances, weekly calendars, etc. It served such a great purpose and helped us keep an unified vision and alleviate any misconceptions or miscommunications.

Over the past 3 1/2 years, we've tried to keep up those business meetings, but they've moved to a more lucrative system. Some things that we used to have to discuss in great detail are running smooth now. Our priorities have changed. Our schedules have mostly leveled, and we've fallen into roles that are working. Plus, our color-coded Google calendar has been a marriage life saver.

But we still have them when we need to - especially when things get busy.

At the end of each meeting we look ahead to set the next date, if we can. And this past weekend, as we were sitting & sipping mimosas, we realized that this was our last weekend at home alone until December - and even at that we only have 1 free weekend before Christmas!

These full weekends would have totally thrown us for a loop 3 years ago, but now with experience we've found ways to stay organized and on the same page, even if we can't have our "traditional" meetings.

#1: Use Car Time Wisely.
Most of the next few weekends, we'll be in the car a minimum of 5 hours. Those close quarters are the perfect time to talk about plans and ideas and to stay on top of our lives!

#2: Keep it Simple.
I like to think about it as "one weekend at a time". If I simplify my tasks (like only cooking dinner 1 night that will feed us for 3) then I simplify my to-do list, which keeps stress away.

#3: Keep Google updated.
Google mail. Google docs. Google calendar. We use them all, and we have to just be dedicated to stay on top of them & make sure they're in order. Especially that calendar. I can't praise it enough!

#4: Be purposeful.
Between the crazy weekends, we have normal weeks. And if we use those times purposefully - getting quality "us" time in, taking care of house work/laundry, getting blogging done, etc. - we can fully enjoy our busy weekends without guilt of not doing something important.

#5: Forgive & Move on.
When busyness sets in, so does stress. And even if I follow all 4 points above, we're still imperfect and something will still set in to cause frustration. So it's important to remember to love C, forgive quickly, and move on -- that way we can enjoy our time out instead of being at odds with each other.

So as I head head into a month(plus) of busy weekends I'm dedicating myself to these little tips. Not only will they help keep my marriage pleasant, but it'll help me stay sane. (and have clean underwear♥)


  1. The car time is important - KB and I carpool and sometimes it's the only time we really see each other.

  2. Most important words... FORGIVE AND MOVE ON. Love this girlie, and the tips to keeping a happy marriage which I know you have!!

  3. omg i totally (over)plan like this!