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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10 Things, Volume 23

Can I admit something?

Thanksgiving flew by so quickly that I forgot to actually stop & give thanks.

It makes me slightly sad that I allowed myself to get wrapped up in all the actions, and ignore the "true" meaning of the day. And before I lose myself in Christmas decorations (bought our tree last night!) and holiday shopping and travel, I wanted to stop, and make a list of things I'm thankful for.

A picture of me and my husband

One: My job. It's so nice to go wake up each morning & not dread going to work. I've been here 2 months & it's totally changed my attitude towards life. (Plus I'm learning a whole lot and have a really awesome boss that's challenging me daily)

Two: My husband. He's truly a source of inspiration and peace. He's my sounding board. He helps keep me in line & sane. Really, he's just an awesome partner.

Three: My journals. I haven't been writing in my comp notebooks in a while, but they're always there when I need them. Old ones are there to read for inspiration, new ones are there to write down all the crazy thoughts in my head.

Four: My mom + dad. It's nice to know that I have two constant cheerleaders in my life. They're always rooting for me, and I know that if I ever need them, they'll be there to help me back up.

Five: My niece + nephew. They just bring me so much joy. ♥

Six: Dark chocolate. Amidst working out, and trying to eat healthy, etc., it's nice to have a break in the middle of it all. Dark chocolate may seem shallow, but really what it represents -- brief moments of peace -- isn't at all.

Seven: My brain. Post-college, I've let my brain rest a little too much, and instead of allowing itself to be useless, my brain fought back & is always yearning to learn new things and experience different sensations. I'm thankful that that's inherent in me, and that it pushes me forward.

Eight: My car. It's a blessing that I never have to worry about if I'll be able to get somewhere. It's fuel efficient, halfway(ish) paid off, and incredibly functional. I don't give it enough credit.

Nine: My house. It's almost fully set up, and I'm almost fully comfortable in it. And really, it's perfect for our little family of two. The backyard's pretty nice too!

Ten: My blog. Creating new content for this blog always keeps me moving forward and challenging myself. It's helped me strive to know who I am, and to always be a better me.

A group of friends toasting with wine over a Thanksgiving feast

Moving into 2013 is sure going to be a challenge. It's been such a great year, but I can feel myself on the verge of growing even more. I'm nervous & excited about it. I thank you for reading & being here to experience it all with me!

Happy (late) Thanksgiving ♥

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  1. Great list! It's awesome to have a job that you love, not too many people can say that.

  2. I'm impressed that you wrote such a long list with details! Just fresh reminders of being grateful :)

  3. It is never too late to give thanks!
    And what a list you made,
    so much to be thankful for.