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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life's a Mixtape: Friendsgiving

Welcome to one of my newest features that I hope you'll see a lot more of in the upcoming weeks (and months!).... Life's a Mix Tape. Where fashion, life & music come together.


Somethings that's a bigger part of my every day life that I don't share often even here is my love, and passion, for music. Luckily, I have an awesome husband that not only loves music (even more than me), but who's probably one of the best mix-tape creators you'll ever meet.

This new series will be a mix of my love of fashion with his love of mix tapes. I'll pick a theme each week, and we'll both roll with it.


This week's theme is Friendsgiving, a time of sitting back with friends and enjoying life together. Fall is a nostalgic time for me, where I just want to be comfortable and enjoy the life I've created around me.

Friendsgiving Outfit

It's a time of going back to our roots -- in our case, Texas Country(ish) tunes -- and kicking back around a campfire and all singing along to songs we've all heard a thousand times.

Listen & I hope you enjoy ♥