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Friday, December 21, 2012

Making a list... and checking stuff off.

I can't believe it: It's December 21! My last day at work until January 3, 2013. Between now and then there's so much I'd like to do and see and experience. I couldn't help but make a little list so I could check back and see what I've done....

  1. See Les Miserables... Twice
  2. Finish a book
  3. Finish Gossip Girl
  4. Start (and maybe finish?) Downton Abbey
  5. Set my 2013 goals for my personal life, work life, and blog life
  6. Develop a strategy for my blog in 2013
  7. Make a (chalkboard?) wall calendar
  8. Finish organizing the closets at home
  9. Get my tires rotated & oil changed & car washed
  10. Have a day of doing nothing with C
  11. Mile a day run Christmas through New Years
  12. Clean up & revamp my Google Reader subscriptions
  13. Start planning my super secret, long-term project
  14. Bake something
  15. Rest

Posting may be sporadic over the next week... But I'll still be on Twitter and Instagram

Merry Happy ♥


    1. been working on my 2013 goals this morning. i have a strong feeling 2013 is going to be a great year.

    2. I feel like #4 will definitely get completed. Once you start you can't stop! Or at least that's what happened to me. I've been praying to the Netflix gods that season 3 will be added ASAP.

    3. I'm in the process of laying out my 2013 goals. I procrastinated a little because of the possibility that the world was going to end today. Eh.

    4. Once you start Downton Abbey you will not stop. Be prepared to surrender your life to the show. It's incredibly worth it, though!

    5. Rest up and enjoy Downton Abbey. Love the show. ;)