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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On Being a Historian

I'm the historian in the family. The one who makes sure pictures are taken, journals are written, memories are remembered. I'm sentimental, slightly a pack rat, and as the oldest kid of 4, feel it's my duty to make sure our kids have something to remember us and our parents by.

posed photograph of a couple

So this year for Christmas, I did something a little different. Instead of buying everyone a gift, I called upon my friend Valorie of Valorie Clark Photography, had her fly down to Texas from Washington, D.C., and take pictures of my family.

posed photograph of 3 girls laughing
posed photograph of 3 girls blowing glitter

My mom and dad.
My sister Jessica, with her fiancee' Denver, and kids Danzig and Pepper.
My sister Dana and brother Clark.
Me and Christian.

father and son pose
right: a mom and her daughter, left: a grandma and her granddaughter

Ten of us in all. It took a bit of doing to find a time to make it work, but once it did it was magical. I love how these pictures came out. They're taken at Landa Park in  New Braunfels, TX -- a place we all love.

posed photograph of a couple almost kissing
two pinkies intertwined
a boy on a man's shoulders

There were of course a few problems during the day, including a flat tire and a completely unruly 3 year old. But it all came together beautifully in the end.

a grandson kissing his grandma

Valorie was patient and encouraging. And she had such a perfect eye for just what needed to be done. She "bribed" Danzig with things, and focused her attention elsewhere when it was clear he wasn't about to listen to anyone. And after the wait for edits, I took one look through of her work & a sigh of relief and rush of excitement came over me. I loved them.

right: a father playing with his son, left: posed photograph of a man

She did a lovely job of capturing the chaos and love that is my family ♥ Check out Valorie's work at her Facebook page and website.

posed photograph of a family
a family

[PS: another photo shoot Valorie did for Christian & I last Christmas]

My next task is to digitize all my grandma's old family pictures. Any tips?


  1. thanks for the shout out yesterday! These pictures turned out great. I am the calmer in my family. they tend to be very lively and loud Italians who are passionate about things, and I am very calm and it takes a lot to get me riled up, so I calm everyone down :-)

  2. Amy, thanks again for a wonderful gift to us all! Love, Mom

  3. Loving this idea...what a great idea for a gift. I'm the only one in my family who takes pictures. I'm a historian too so to speak. ;)

  4. What a great and lasting gift! Great pictures!!