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Thursday, January 31, 2013

On Marraige // Being Content in all Seasons

Sometimes marriage isn't awesome. Sometimes it's just OK.

Sometimes it's just there. Day in, day out. There when you go to bed, and wake up. There when there's a budget to keep to and a cute dress on sale. There when you're doing Whole 30 and just want to curl up on the couch. I've discovered there are seasons in marriage, just like in every other part of our lives.

For a while seasons where we fell into routine bothered me. I was convinced that if we loved each other, it would always be exciting! Marriage is fun, but it's also work. 

These seasons of routine aren't bad, things can't always be exciting. {Though the seasons of excitement definitely make it worth it!} It's not my goal to have a routine marriage. I want to strive to have an exciting, vivacious marriage. But I've learned: It's more important to learn how to be content in all seasons than to try make all seasons perfect.

So during times of routine, where it's not super exciting, I think of memories, plan ahead for something exciting, and think up how to show my husband how much he really, truly means to me. I use it as a "rest and regroup" time. It's a productive time for me. And an inspiring one. It forces me to evaluate and plan and change.

It challenges me to be a better wife. ♥


  1. My sentiments, exactly. Well said.

  2. Yes! A thousand times, yes! Just like most good things in life, marriage takes work and it isn't always fun. Steady faithfulness and being present even in the routine is a big deal. Glad you wrote this, friend! :)

  3. yes! i love this, so very true.