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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One thing I cut way back on?

As part of my year of purpose, I decided to cut back on some things, and way back on others.

One thing I cut way back on? Social Media. I combed through who I follow on Twitter and Instagram and the blogs that I follow. On all three platforms, I slashed my "following" list by HALF.

It wasn't easy to do and it didn't feel very good during the process, but after two weeks, I can already see a difference in how I interact online. I interact more. Because I have time to. By weeding out those who I didn't enjoy interacting with, I freed up so much time to focus on those who I do enjoy.

Also, since I'm only following half as many people, I've freed up half of my time I usually spent socializing online. And you know what I've done instead?  
Actually paid attention to C.
Watched documentaries. 
Found new places of inspiration online.
Stayed ahead of schedule on blog posts!
The downside?

This is awkward as a blogger to write about! Because I want more of you to spend more time paying attention to me. Not less. So it's weird saying "hey guys, you should stop following everyone.... except for me".... but, just as not sharing how much I've benefited from this, that'd be wrong.

So I will say this: I encourage you to evaluate how you are spending your time interacting online.

Because once I did, I was able to find little jewels in my collection that I hadn't previously noticed before. And they've become a real blessing for me and a source of great inspiration.

PS: Elle answered one of my questions! 
Go see how to get Tina Fey's Golden Globes hair


  1. Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. I think we all need to push back from the desk and live real life. It's hard when you're blogging, but necessary to keep mind and body healthy I think.

  2. Good advice. I am also in the process of weeding out how many blogs I follow. My rule of thumb is that unless it's a blog I would really miss reading, I've decided to stop following bloggers who are clearly not following me back. There is just so much time, right, and why waste it reading about the comings and goings of people you have no relationship with? The fun for me in blogging, is the aspect of a two way street!

  3. Fasting from media... I've been hearing about it more and more. I actually wrote a post about trying to do the same a little while back, and it honestly feels so cleansing to do!! I can totes understand finding purpose in life and trying to spend our days and hours wisely with those we love. I've been trying to keep social media to a minimum (which is working okay so far). Now I need to work on the blogging time... which is gonna be a hard one b/c I love to read and click and click on other blogs!!

  4. Love this. I've been an unfollowing fool lately for the same reasons. It's refreshing!