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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whole 30 / 15 Days Down

This month I decided to try out Whole 30, a whole-food eating plan. For 30 days you cut out grains, legumes (includes soy), sugar (artificial + natural), MSG + sulphides + other chemicals, dairy, alcohol and a few other things. It may sound intense, but I actually quite enjoy it... mostly.

I'm officially half-way through my 30 days.

What I Like (so far)
I'm aware of every single thing that I put in my body. Because I have to be careful about everything, I pay attention more and am learning. (You can't even imagine how much sugar is in everything!)

I'm in tune with my body. I can tell why I am getting that headache, or what that craving is for. I'm not the most intuitive person, so this is a nice opportunity to learn the skill of listening to my body.

Meal planning, grocery shopping and eating out are all purposeful. And it is incredible how relaxing it is to just have everything planned out ahead of time.

What I Do NOT Like (so far)
I've basically given up most of my social life. I'm not very good at being "the person left out," so I've just taken myself out of those situations so far. (this has helped the bank account!)

My mental skills are taking a toll. I guess because my body is re-learning how to make energy without sugar/carbs it takes away from my ability to think? But whatever the reason, the fact is I made (and am making) stupid mistakes, have incredibly cloudy thinking and find it really difficult to focus, especially in the afternoon.

Lower energy. I am just tired. Even after working out (which usually gives me a good rush of energy), I just want to sleep. The fatigue is inconsistent. I'm not always tired, but when I am it is a point of exhaustion I'm not used to. Supposedly this is normal through day 7, but I'm past that. Hoping it'll change soon.

I'm finding that organization is the most important thing to be successful. You can't half-ass an eating plan that is this intensive. I have to think about every scenario I'm going to be in, and make sure my meals will fit in.

To simplify matters, I made a list of 3 ideas for breakfast, 3 for lunch and 5 for dinner. I am only allowing myself to choose what to eat off of those lists. And it's worked great so far! I'll share actual recipes later, but for now I'll just say: apples, chicken and almond butter for breakfast is amazing.

One of the Whole 30 rules is that I'm not allowed on the scale for the entire month. So I can't report just yet if it's helped me lose some weight. But I can report that I feel clean. I can tell my body is being restored to a state of normal. And that, above all, is totally making it worth it.

My year of purpose is still going strong ♥


  1. You should share some of your favorite recipes! I can't cut out my grains and dairy, but I'm always looking for new and healthy meals. Also, some dear friends of mine have a paleo blog -- heygirlheypaleo.com. They post a lot of recipes! Feel free to tell them I sent you if you stop by for a visit. :)

  2. get it girl!! proud of you! keep up the good work and push through those tiresome days you have. it's gonna be so worth it in the end!!!

    xo, Bev