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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 in Review

Keeping a blog has two purposes for me. One is to meet people, to be in a community. The second is to record my life in a way that's reflective and easy to read back through. I love the history of my life on these many, many pages. At the year's end, it's my favorite thing to look back over the past 12 months & remember some of the more significant moments...


In January, I began my year with one word: purpose. I learned the importance of not being overly polite in my marriage, how to be content in all seasons and started my first Whole30.


February was a wonderful month! It brought my friend Meredith back to Texas from Canada (we had her all the way through June!). I began to take an active interest in our finances, successfully finished Whole30 and found a better work/life balance with the start of my blog sabbaticals.

This was actually featured on my gym's "results" page,
which was a major confidence booster! ♥


March. How I love March. It was full of amazing brunch outings, celebrating birthdays (and attending SXSW), hosting my best friend for a weekend at my house. It was also when I fell into an amazing health groove. I posted my (15 pound!) weight loss update & shared my love of Piloxing


I coasted through April by starting another Whole30, celebrating Pepper Jo's first birthday and taking an eventful camping trip out in west Texas (where we broke down 6 hours away from a real town!). I also made 3 large self-discoveries this month: that I'm an introvert; that I needed to focus more on myself; and that I needed more girlfriends. All three of these discoveries set the tone for the rest of year.


The end of spring was off to a great start: I lost 8.5 more pounds on my second round of Whole30, C was promoted at work and I made a few changes on this blog (new URL, new email, new schedule). I also went to Portland, Oregon. And it was amazing. (Part 1, Part 2)


I turned 25 in June & dealt with my so-called quarter life crisis. C & I had a tough time adjusting to his new schedule, but I had good goals to get me through the summer. I threw a beautiful stylized Whole30 Brunch and, at the request of friends, officially bid adieu to bathroom selfies.


July was the start of three really tough months, though I managed to make some good memories despite the tough times. I celebrated finishing June Mile a Day by running away to the river for an extended weekend. And I wrote my favorite post of the year: My Summer of the Bikini.


I attended the Texas Style Council in August. There, I had moments as well as lessons. And I walked away with a new sense of who I am as a blogger. I also joined a book club & read Daring Greatly, which was an amazing inspiration.


September always starts with a celebration of Danzig. This year he turned 4. But this month also brought a failed Whole30 attempt, followed by the end of my year-long project at work. I celebrated a year with Pirahna fitness and celebrated my friend Meredith's wedding in Canada. And I learned to let go.


I began October by declaring my intent to create original content and be authentic here in this space. I got my hands on a DSLR and began to teach myself how to use it. I also shared my ultimate life goals & three experiences that changed me.


Oh, November (the month where I snuck my first flask into a wedding)... This month was when everything started clicking. I was invited to make a cocktail for a business ribbon cutting and very quickly the idea for Fueled by Cocktails was formed. I also had an impromptu photoshoot which resulted in some gorgeous headshots.


Year end recaps in December feel a little bit like cheating, because the best times of the month hasn't happened yet. But there's a lot coming up that I'm so excited about! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to live it with me.

Thanks for being here with me in 2013. I hope that your year was as eventful and memorable as mine ♥

PS: 2012 in Review


  1. What a really great year! I love how you broke it down by Months. You accomplished a lot! I really loved the Whole30 Brunch spread. Look forward to 2014 and wish you much success.

  2. LOVE this. so glad I've been able to be a part of your year & book club. XO.

  3. Found you on Instagram and Twitter - so thanks for that! What a beautiful year recap and I will be doing the same on my blog before 2014. I would love to go to Portland one day! And they really are such beautiful headshots.

  4. Oh, you had such a remarkable year, girl, and congratulations on doing so very well with the Whole30 challenge. I sucked at it haha ;)

  5. What a great year for you Miss Amy! You are just as fabulous as 2013 was for you!!!

  6. Great wrap up post -- sounds like you had a really great year!!
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  7. I love this 2013 review and it's interesting to see you change over a year...not just through your blog but in pictures you just posted. Such a great year. May 2014 be even better for you!!!


  8. I just got lost in this perfect post for a newcomer such as myself. So much inspiration here.