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Friday, February 14, 2014

Fueled by Cocktails // Vol. 5

And we've launched!! The new Fueled by Cocktails website is up & waiting for you to go check it out. ♥

Launching a service that isn't brick-and-mortar feels slightly anticlimactic. We're not doing anything different tomorrow than we were a week ago, but there's something exciting & encouraging about declaring this - February 14, 2014 - as the official launch of Fueled by Cocktails.

So if you're in the market for a custom cocktail for your event, want to host a cocktail party at your house, or have an event coming up that you'd like to have tailored bar service at, please email us! The Fueled by Cocktails email is hello@fueledbycocktails.com. (Which I should probably make sure it 100% works?)

On the Fueled by Cocktails website you'll find a library of cocktail recipes, sortable by not only base spirit but also by ingredient. I'll be pouring myself into building up that library over the next few months. So be on the lookout for tons of original cocktails and pictures over there.

You'll also find a bunch of features on the site, which will include recaps of events we've hosted, cocktail adventures we've gone on and eventually technique videos.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive & encouraging during this process!

And BONUS -- we were on a local television morning show sharing our business & a Valentine's Day themed cocktail. See the video here.

I've decided to open a business. I'll be documenting my experience with this new venture here periodically. It's my first time down this road, and I want you to come along the adventure with me! Read all posts here. Cheers!


  1. WHOO! So proud of you and happy for your launch date! Thanks for letting me be a small part of it! Can't wait to see where it takes you. :)

  2. Just watched your TV interview this morning. You two did great! Congrats on a new adventure! ~Love, Mom

  3. This is awesome! CONGRATS on your big launch!!!

  4. That video was awesome! Congrats on everything!!

  5. congrats, y'all!! wishing you all the success!