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Monday, March 24, 2014

Rebuilding, With Love

Last week, I woke to a very upsetting text message from my dad. The night before, while my niece & nephew were sleeping in their beds, their house caught on fire. Their daddy was watching TV and saw smoke coming from (thank goodness) the opposite corner of the house. He swiftly grabbed the kids and took them next door to his aunt's house, before running back to move his car and try to stop the inevitable.

Ten minutes later, everything they owned was gone.

Danzig is four and watched as his childhood home was destroyed. He told me about it over the phone, saying about how brave his daddy was & how big the fire was. I asked if him if he was ever afraid, and he laughed while saying "No!". I'm still afraid, and I wasn't even there.

To escape reality for just a bit - and to allow their daddy some rest - my sister brought the kids up here this weekend. We spoiled them with bowling, putt putt golf, pizza and more video games than I'll admit. It was a weekend of catching up with my sister, and loving on these kids that mean everything to me.

Pepper Jo will turn two in April, and she's blossomed into a vibrant, witty and cunning little girl. (Proof.) She loves makeup and loves eating sweet things even more. She also finally warmed to C. Up until this weekend, she'd scream and cry if C was within 3 feet of her. But by the end of the weekend, she was jumping on him just as much as the rest of us. He was finally able to see her personality come out & it was adorable.

Before sending them home, we made pink and blue sprinkle pancakes. Each kid had their own batter, which they mixed & poured onto the griddle. We ate pancakes and watched Frozen and I just sat there amazed at my luck in life. Having these kids as my family is just amazing. I'm lucky because I get to watch them grow up, and experience new things. I'm lucky because I get to hide under the blankets and cuddle at bedtime with them, and chase them around the park.

And I'm lucky because they are here, unharmed. Full of life. With a promising future ahead of them.

Thanks for reading & keeping up with this journey of mine ♥

If you'd like to donate some money to help these kids out, you can do so here. Your prayers are also welcome.


  1. That is so scary! Glad to hear that everyone is safe. It's too bad that we sometimes need a dramatic wake-up call to make us appreciate what and who we have.

  2. I love lifestyle photo sessions :) Click away.. best moments in a life :)

  3. I can't imagine losing things in a fire like that. I'm so sorry for your family, that must have been terrifying.

  4. They are so precious and I'm SO GLAD they are safe! Praying for them as they piece together a new home. (BTW- you and C would make AMAZING parents. :) )