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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Bucket List: An Update

Spring 2014 has not gone the way I thought it would. I basically lost a month just dealing with things and not really taking good care of myself. I wrote a little bit about that here. Yet despite things not going my way (do they ever actually?), I still managed to make the best & have a good time. Plus, we accidentally ended up with a dog. So all in all, this Spring was worthwhile.

See my original spring bucket list here.

Things on my list that I've done so far:

Go to a concert. CHECK! We went & saw Jimmy Eat World in Austin & it was so much fun. Though the midnight drive home to get to a meeting at 8am the next morning wasn't the best. Oh well.

Swim. OH YEAH! I had a pool party with my friends & it was a lovely time ♥

Camp! We camped in La Grange for a wedding reception & I turned my phone off all weekend. It was amazing to just get away and hide offline.

Have a picnic. I decided to eat away from my desk in May, which led to many lunches outside at a picnic bench in the sun. That's basically the definition of a picnic, right?

Do something to my hair. I added a ton of purple to it & loved it for about two weeks. And then it faded to a weird purple/red thing & I'm trying to find the courage to face my hair lady about it. But what I'll probably do is find a new hair salon that has a better reputation anyway. We'll see.

Throw a cocktail party. WOO! I made mocktails for Leslie's baby shower & made one of my most favorite punches ever. I'll blog about that soon, and will probably come up with an alcoholic version for people who aren't expecting a baby.

Visit a Texas town I've never been to. We camped in La Grange, TX and I went to a wedding in Marion, TX. Both places I'd never been to before & would love to go back and explore more. We went to this really back woods bar in Marion and drank long necks on a picnic table next to a literal outhouse that smelled so much like urine I wanted to vomit. It was a fabulous time.

Things that didn't quite happen:
Celebrate Dana's graduation. Poor girl got mono & was too sick to finish school. I spent a really horrible, tedious afternoon marching around the University of Texas campus dealing with higher education bureaucracy. BUT, I was given our dog Max out of the deal & she's still going to graduate in December with a freaking triple major. So I'm calling this a W even if it wasn't how I expected it to go.

Build 5 websites for money. I finished a few & need to update my portfolio, but just didn't have enough time to complete 5. BUT, the ones I've built so far have taught me a lot & I'm so happy with how they all turned out. I'm hoping I'll hit 5 over the summer. Fingers crossed.

Also, I won an award for my websites at work. So that's awesome, right?

And things I haven't got to yet (and better get on it!):
  • Fly a kite
  • Finish a gallery wall (have the art, just need to frame/hang)
  • Make paella

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  1. What a fun spring it has been already!! Look at you go girl!!!

  2. Paella. Make all of the paella. It's the only thing worth eating.

    All right, that got intense.

    Glad your spring is going fairly well, and can't wait to see photos of the gallery wall! :)