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Friday, June 6, 2014

Fueled by Cocktails: Baby Lee's Shower

Well, it's official. My friends are starting to have babies. First comes love, then comes marriage & I guess we've finally made it to the next part of the song... or at least my lovely friend Leslie has.

Her friends threw her a cute "around the world" baby shower in May, complete with clouds and airplanes everywhere. And they kindly asked me to make a few special drinks for the occasion. Of course I said yes! The only stipulation was I had to keep all the drinks non-alcoholic. But after my last round of mocktails, I was totally ready for that. I came up with two drinks that could be served in pitchers to a group in a casual setting. The two were incredibly different, and one was way more popular than the other. But I loved how they both turned out.

The set up was really simple, since we were at somebody's house. They left the bar area overlooking the kitchen open to me (where I kept all my extra supplies and ice chest). It was easily accessible to all. And the hostesses were even kind enough to bring me an assortment of pitchers to use.

I put the garnishes in mason jars next to each pitcher. Rosemary and mint - two of my favorites. ♥

Naturally, I was on Whole30 during the party, so I decided to put together a large tank of flavored water for those who wanted a sugar-free option. Slices of oranges and lemons flavored the water just so & it was a nice little addition to the party. (Plus, I think I drank half of the tank by myself!)

And, finally there were the two drinks. Completely different from one another, yet they stood on their own while complementing the party well.

The Ginger Peach Fizz featured homemade agave ginger syrup, peach juice and soda water. The mint sprig balanced the sweetness of the fruity flavors and went well with the bite of the ginger. See the recipe here.

The Honey Berry Chill was completely gone by the end of the afternoon. There's just something about women and strawberries in the spring! The homemade honey berry syrup was by far the best part of the day. Mixed with blood orange Italian soda and lemonade, it was a victory from the start. See the recipe here.

The baby shower was admittedly more fun to make drinks for than I imagined. Everyone was lovely throughout the entire afternoon & it was such a blessing to share a little part of me to honor Baby Lee coming soon ♥

Congrats Leslie on your addition! Can't wait to meet your little guy.


  1. those drinks need to get in my mouth right meow.

  2. Your drinks were SO yummy! Thank you again for that lovely addition to the shower!! And thanks for the sweet words - preparing for a baby is a lot easier with tons of supportive and generous friends around - we are super spoiled! :)

  3. Those drinks look super yummy...