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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Next Step

I've written often about the uncertainty of our future... We've been in a waiting game for a while now and last summer we made a plan: Live in Bryan, TX, until spring 2015, then C will start grad school in fall 2015 & we'll move wherever he gets accepted. I'll prepare myself this year for the move - both professionally and personally.

And then one fateful afternoon, as I was casually browsing the internet, I came across an online program that sounded perfect for C. I timidly emailed it to him, expecting him to brush it off as yet another crazy idea. Surprisingly, he not only took my email seriously, but by the time I got home a few hours later, he had already spent a solid hour on the phone with an advisor in the program.

After only a weekend thinking it over, C decided to apply. So, he wrote application essays, collected his GRE scores, ordered transcripts and asked people for letters of reference.... And then we waited. And waited. There was so much waiting, it felt like an eternity. They called to say there was a glitch in the system, but they'd have it figured out by Friday. And then came Saturday with still no word. We were slowly losing hope, about to give up & go back to our previous plan.

Thursday, I walked into our house to find C pulling the Chimay out of the fridge. He bought it the day he applied, ready to be consumed the moment he received word of his acceptance. (He also had a special bottle of Chimay on our wedding day. It's his "champagne", which I'm all too happy to indulge in.) He had received the call we'd been waiting for...

He was accepted! He'll finally be starting grad school.

He's worked so hard to get to this point. The undergraduate years weren't too kind to my man, and it took a lot of courage & strength to continue down the career path he chose when he was in high school. He's been persistent, and has never given up hope. And now, here he is, about to embark on the next step of the journey. A year and a half before planned. Which means the next steps are coming quicker than we imagined & our waiting game is ending quicker. Woo!

He'll start sometime this summer. Right now it's all about financial aid and text books and all the boring administrative stuff that goes along with higher education.  But that's ok. It's all worth it.

Three cheers to this guy!

I couldn't be happier for him. I couldn't be more proud. ♥

p.s. - Other times when I was super proud of this guy: When C got promoted & when he graduated college.


  1. Congrats! It's so great when a plan comes together sooner than expected.

  2. YAY CONGRATS! that's so exciting :)

  3. Congrats!! I'm halfway through my online program and I love it. I wish him the best.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  4. Yay! Congratulations to him! It hasn't been an easy road, I'm sure, but totally worth it. :) Wish you both all the best in this next step. :)